eJPT Exam Preparation and Review

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eLearn Security Junior Penetration Tester

Recently I have passed the eJPT exam from eLearnSecurity and a lot of my LinkedIn Connections have asked me about the exam experience and how to Prepare for it, in this blog I will talk about my experience with the exam and give some advices if you are interested to give it a try.

The following information is about the eJPTv1 of the exam, there is a new version in the way.

About the Exam

eJPT: stand for eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester, it is a 100% practical certification on penetration testing and information security essentials.

you can purchase the exam voucher from the following link:


after purchasing the voucher you will get 6 months to attempt the exam. when you start the exam you will have 3 days to complete it.

the exam is lab based when you start the exam you will get a penetration testing scenario for a company, you need to read the scenario carefully and understand every bit of it.

to pass the exam you need to answer multiple questions about the lab to get the answers in some cases you need to hack the machines.

You need 15 out of 20 correct answer to pass the exam.

to prepare for the exam there is a free learning path from INE called Penetration Testing Student contains 4 courses :

(Note : the list above clickable and contains the links for the courses )

You don’t have to do any programming in the exam but the Preliminary Skills and Programming course is very helpful for you as a Pentester.

My Personal Experience

I’m trying to write my experience with the exam without giving any detailed information about the lab environment.

I have a good experience in cybersecurity and networking in general so it didn’t take my that much time to prepare for the exam, this will vary from one person to another so I strongly recommend to take your time and don’t compare your self with others, I have studied the PTS Course and I read some reviews like this one (some of them in the resources below) .

It’s a good Idea to try some HackTheBox or TryHackMe machines to practice your new acquired skills.

Don’t skip the networking fundamentals and Wireshark because you will need a good networking Knowledge.

My biggest advice for you is to start the exam from Monday – Friday because the support will not answer you emails if there is any problem and they take from 2-3 business day , I give you this advice because in my exam the lab stopped working for 24h because of a technical issue.